SMCO Operations, LP
6600 North County Rd West
Odessa, TX 79764
Phone: (432) 550-7116
Fax: (432) 362-8017

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Cisco Aironet 340Cisco 340
Cisco Aironet 1310Cisco 1310
MDS iNET900iNET-900
Motorola CanopyMotorola Canopy
Cisco Aironet 350Cisco 350
Cisco Aironet 1410Cisco 1410

SMCO has over 20 years of experience working with wireless networking. We have ported corporate and commercial wireless networks out to the oilfield using a variety of methods and different wireless vendors. We have extensive knowledge working with the above radios. We can also setup wireless access points for your office building or shop area. This includes adding the radios to your existing network, adding wireless cards to desktop or laptop PC's and hooking up mobile devices that are wireless-capable. If you do not have an existing network infrastructure, we can engineer and implement a network to suite your needs and sustain growth for the future. We can combine wireless, copper, and fiber-optic cabling to suite your purposes. You can read more into our other networking methods in the "Oilfield Communications" section.


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